About KKI Corporation

The 1980's saw major expansions of KKI's client base. This expansion was attributed to KKI's ability to provide custom modifications to "packaged software" and professional hotline support at a time when computerized data processing was still in its infancy and was foreign and intimidating to most end users. The 1980's also saw KKI begin offering hardware maintenance services on customer owned computers and printers.

The 1990's saw KKI adapting to a major industry and technological shift to Unix, Windows and Windows NT environments. KKI assisted its client base in adapting as well. Nationally recognized platform and software vendors were constantly being added to the supplier base. The technical staff added critical skills such as site cabling and wiring services and computer telephony installations

As the 21st century moves forward KKI will continue to keep up with the pulse of emerging technologies. We are committed to offering our customers new and innovative ways of doing business so they can keep pace with these changing times. Our highly trained administrators will accomplish this by supplying new server technologies, custom software packages, and 24/7 access to their business resources by virtualization and Dynamic web interface.

Our offices encompass six suites totaling 7,200 square feet including an onsite training facility for up to 12 students. The data processing experience exceeds 150 man-years in dozens of industries. This level of expertise and dedication to remain on the cutting edge of technology is reflected in the consistent quality of KKI's products and services and the on-going satisfaction of its clientele. We look forward to adapting to an ever-changing technological environment and its challenges and bringing our clients with us.



KKI Corporation provides technology consulting and support for small and mid-sized organizations. Today, Information Technology / Computer Technology plays in important role in streamlining operations, presenting  consistent and accurate information as well as support for customer/client service.