Infrastructure is the backbone of every business. As the demand on your current network increases a higher latency(slowing) will occur. The result will be slower throughput and the consequential loss of productivity. We make it a point of emphasis to resolve any overburden to your network by  developing an infrastructure that is suited to handle the needs of your business.

We know that every company is unique and have different needs. In order to make sure that we develop the most robust system one of our consultants will sit down and formulate and customized solution designed with your business's personal needs in mind. We understand the importance of having your business operating as efficient as possible and will give you the dedicated attention that you deserve.

Our guarantee to you, is that the backbone that runs your business will no longer be a concern. We rely on industry leaders such as Belden, Cisco, SonicWall, and Microsoft. Every vender we use has a track record of reliability and excellence. For this reason we have partnered with these companies so we can offer the highest quality to our customers so that their Infrastructure is built for success.

The increase in the amount of data that steams from your business may mean that Fiber Optics could be the most viable solution. With less cost to maintain, higher resistance to electromagnetic noise, more bandwidth than cooper cable, and able to handle more traffic over the line Fiber Optic's could be the right solution to meet your business needs. 

The implementation of VoIP has become an affective way to offset the cost of running a business. By converting your existing analog phone system to a digital phone system you will decrease your monthly phone bill plus it will give you the ability to expand without having to purchase new lines.  


Let us help?

  • Upgrading to Gigabyte throughput for increased speed and staff efficiency.
  • Choosing the right NOS (Network Operating System); Microsoft or SCO UNIX
  • Belden products come with a 25 year warranty on 10GX components.
  • Redesigning  WAN's/LAN's for future business expansion and relocation.
  • Creating VPN’s (virtual private network) to improve security.
  • Implementation of a Disaster Recovery plan.