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Software First

With faster and faster computer technologies, we become more and more aware of the importance the software.   The software application solution should be the FIRST consideration when looking at an overall computer system.  Ask yourself, why am I doing this?   What are the business reasons?   Does it make good economic sense?  Are there alternatives?  Can I purchase an "off the shelf" application? How might the software help support my business?   How might the software give me the tools to improve and drive the business?

Don't change your business to fit an "off the shelf" software package.
KKI Corporation has a long history of providing quality custom business software.  When your business software needs are unique and fundamental to your processes, KKI can help you to analyze, develop and implement affordable, creative software solutions. 

Over the many years of providing rock solid business solutions, here's what the customers say about KKI Corporation:

 ”...We needed new software functionality like reservations, Christmas Fund tracking. … KKI's ability to provide quick software enhancements.”  
John A, World Trade Club

“KKI software and support is GREAT... They have been quick and responsive to my questions”
Elyse J, C. W. Brower

“When I DO need to call, I ALWAYS get to talk to a real person”
Micki P, Avoset - Morningstar

“..Thing that I like the best, is that I can get to someone rightway. A live person. Never have to wait." 
Ann M, College of the Desert

“... KKI has an excellent support staff. Whenever we get in trouble, KKI is right on top of the problem.”
Bruce H, Burchell Nursery

“All I can say is ‘A number one, Triple A!’ We have alot special stuff (software needs) and KKI always got us through it.”
Richard L, City of Auburn

“..Totally and completely satisfied with programs and support that you provide.”
Marilyn F, Sun Dried Products

“Well, we have nothing but good things to say about you guys, I like being able to call and know problems are being taken care of.” Ruben M, Solano Irrigation District

“I am always treated professionally, they don't talk down. Patient with me always.”
Ann M, College of the Desert

“I was impressed...(they made) suggestions to make it better. We ended up with a much better product...KKI took a look at the big picture instead of… a bandage solution”
John A, World Trade Club

“ KKI is looked upon as one of the members of our management team in making system decisions”
Robert P, Gilton Solid Waste

“... Our entire production system was completely custom written by KKI - couldn't live without it... You know we love you.”
Corinne M, Poly Processing Company

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